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  • Online Learning like Eokul, is a vital aspect of society today, comprising a comprehensive array of digitization approaches, elements & delivery methods.
  • All Super effective. All too easy. All at Eokul

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  • Discover the benefits of learning technology plus Eokul’s globally renowned professors. Access recognized certificate courses, all at your own pace.
  • No boring travel, time or costs. So good. Such fun.

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  • In a group setting, open communication technologies enable free transmission via webcam, mics, live chat and interactive resources.
  • Almost feel your instructor pat you on the back.


Popular Online Courses


Eokul LMS Experts

Edward Foster

Business Resolution Management

Ed Foster will be known as the manager who succeeded in making ElsaNet Gen Y's most popular TV network ever in Sacramento. His courage and personal control over the 40,000 strong militant South American Union members shocked everyone within the industry and cemented him as a giant among men.

Ashley B. Spradley

Award-winning Fitness Practitioner

Author of New York Triune's top 5 bestsellers  "Your Inner Winner" and founder of  "Fighting Fit Functioning" Ashley Spradley runs you through her physical regime that has brought heightened confidence, self-approval and empowerment to thousands worldwide.

Sarah Green

Spa Treatment Queen

With a wealth of international care experience under her belt, Sarah teaches secret methods of the world's best award-winning spas.  Let Ms Green show you her breathtaking signature spa treatments; waxing & tinting, facials, spa body massage, nails and even tanning, it's Eokul's ultimate feel-good course. (nq)

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A Few Testimonials testim

If they can teach an old goose like me new yoga postures they can teach anyone anything.

Madhukant Ganesan, 7 time grandfather

I don’t know why anyone still goes to University anymore these days.  Only joking. But seriously, these tutorials are just that good. And you get to keep every documented word “spoken” in class for later revision and memory refresh. Far, far less note-taking. Worth the fee for that alone methinks.

Milla Deeming, Arch draftsperson, Innovatine design

Forgive me. My English not perfect. But can tell you manage me getting boats full  information and tacticals from this course. Really excelente experieance for myself to this things.

Jona Whoten, removalist,
Jana Dickson 85x85

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect such extraordinary value from courses so reasonable in price. The trainers are paragons of knowledge but patience and kind and treat you like a father or a mother. Very impressed. If you’re at all considering registering, my advice would be dive right in. Unlikely you’ll feel any regret.

Jana Dickson, Librarian, Parkville Municipal Libray
Marsala Fiscsha 85x85

Ha. Wouldn’t hesitate one second in recommending these seminars to anyone, and I mean anyone. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a techie propeller head, there’s a place her e for you. The photography course in particular is a stand-out.

Ms Marsala Fischa. (underpaid) single mum

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