e-Learning Skillport: The Dummies Guide!

Skillport: Highly developed military-based e-learning software, easy, user-friendly and intuitive interface, and facilities for accessing and developing simple and multi-module courses simultaneously. This is the base upon which the Skillport’s Skillsoft program is built upon. The Skillport e-learning Skillsoft base gives this course of study a fantastic foundation so basically you just need a PC […]


Does a Virtual Class = Open Learning / Virtual Learning?

Virtul Class, Open learning or virtual learning technology gives us all kinds of wonderful tools to enhance the virtual class for solo entrepreneurs. Teleconferences, audio and video recordings, both streaming and downloadable, interactive multimedia, virtual learning environments, automated open learning tools – all great options. But while the bells and whistles might abound, what is […]

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Is Army e-Learning Killer elearning?

Army e-Learning, Miltary Style elearning Elearning, in fact army  e-Learning or for that matter navy e-learning is for the soldiers; the brave men and women who join the army have always been about e-learning more than just shooting guns, they are also armed with a variety of elearn courses thoughts and skills taught to them […]

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How e Learning for Health Went Viral

e learning for Health Break Out! The e learning Courses variety is spreading its wings across different subjects and disciplines and medicine is now one of them. e learning for health particularly Medicine is one such discipline that can make use of e learning as an effective tool of learning and training. Knowledge and performance […]