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How E-Learning Can Save You Cash

Assistance From E-Learning 

Increasing access to e-learning helps us in the following ways:

  • e-Learning increases participation to higher education.
  • e-Learning increases collaboration among institutions of higher learning.
  • e-Learning accelerates high speed dissemination of knowledge, ideas and research findings.
  • e-Learning search engines provide a worldwide e-library on which you can find anything you want in a short while.
  • e-Learning helps in skills sharing, networking and training of:
    • Teachers
    • Learners
    • Researchers
  • e-Learning information management
  • e-Learning administration process
  • e-Learning managerial process
  • e-Learning helps in developing institutional websites to disseminate information on meeting, training programmes and materials, setting up discussion groups, establishing a directory of experts and useful link page.
  • e-Learning provides an opportunity to manage the large group by using mixed delivery modes to increasing learning opportunities for a large group of students.
  • e-Learning helps in online testing, admission, teaching, learning, discussion, assessment and evaluation and result declaration, i.e. from the initial point to the final stage.
e-Learning, elearning, elearn, e-learnonline_http://eokul.co.uk/

e-Learning, elearning, elearn, e-learnonline


The whole system of education and classroom teaching is in the stage of transition, i.e. in the process of change from the conventional mode to the modern mode based on ICT and e-learning. However, it cannot replace the vital significance of the traditional classroom with the teacher playing the central role.

After working on the slogans such as “Education for All” and “Science for All”, it is the age in which the government at the national and global level should work on the slogan “Computer and E-I-earning for All”.

E-learning has started entering into the classrooms in various forms and has resulted in the diversification of classroom instructions and related activities. Every aspect of teaching and learning is now being influenced by Internet/E-learning facilities. These can be understood by the following:

Now a teacher prepares content for his teaching or presentation not only with the help of available books but also by using Internet. The teacher gives homework, assignment which requires browsing in the Internet.

Projects are assigned to students with the help of Internet and the works on projects arc done by taking guidelines from the Internet. There is more reliance on original materials for teaching and learning.

We cannot depend heavily on books in the age where content is changing very fast due to knowledge explosion. More accurate and comprehensive content material can be accessed from the Internet.

Courses are no longer rigidly time bound. With Internet access, learning time and learning process are becoming flexible.

Various online courses are coming up. Classroom interaction is reducing but its significance cannot be ignored. A good e-learning teacher will always be needed and the role of a good e-learning teacher cannot be ignored or diminished.