E OKUL NOTLARIM ! [E School Notes]

I am Duygu Köseoğlu! On this video I share your e-school grades with you, at the same time I talk about my YGS exam stress and a little high school years. I had a lot of fun in the montage, and I hope you enjoy it as well!

Greetings I feel! I’ve been a big family since I started adventuring on E okul YouTube in Turkey. On the channel I share vlogs about games, entertainment, challange and my own life. I am having a lot of fun and lots of funny moments when installing videos.

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E okul Dirty Secrets  [E School Notes]

It’s time for the dirty secrets to come out,it is time for some facts to emerge. I’ve kept a lot of things from you until this time, and I’m embarrassing one of the greatest secrets I’ve kept on this video! Welcome to all of you hi friends videoma!

I am telling you a fact that I kept in this video !!! You actually saw the bi part of it in the video.E okul notes

You saw the part in a video. But you did not see the whole thing

This video is now. You will see the whole what are you talking about.

All of my e-school grades but I show them all. But then I went to grade 9 and my life is so shocked that they call it the family of the strange life.

I am shocked to be incredibly shocked when every test is announced; eg biology 61-67 geography 64-76 language expression work physics -40 -48 chemistry 48-24

I saw the notes I did not see in my life. Math is already 45 or so i was expecting such a hani very high or something. and 50 26 3. my test mathematics 26 actually came from 18, but I was begging from the social worker 26 after that the history is high and these are high now!

There is something I want you to see here. If you ask me what room do you see here I am all my numerical notes in places. Verbal Notices Okey Hani Highly above High Honor Some of the others