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eLearning: Are eLearn & Training Online, BS?

Is elearning using training online truly effective? Many times clients and potential customers ask me whether or not the whole elearn syndrome is just a passing fad. This is a superb question that warrants some discussion. My exposure to open learning and elearn online courses and more especially with personalized elearning online course improvement has been an extremely constructive one.

Unfortunately some companies are dismissing the notion of eLearning because they have had an unfavourable experience with it. Recently, I came across a communication on the Support Insight discussion forum that explained elearn or blended learning as a hyped approach to training.

Is eLearning Sound? Is elearn Training Online THE Future?

I have had the chance to speak to many people about their experience with eLearning as well as majority of sceptics and naysayer have one important thing in common. Predominantly they have all had a detrimental experience with the development of training materials.

The typical theme that I have seen is that the majority of the elearning development work was done without finishing a thorough needs analysis. In addition, a lot of teach online organizations are guilty of selecting an e-Learning vendor without carrying out the necessary research about what the open learning market offers and what criteria they should use when deciding on an accessible provider.

The product offerings in the e-Learning sector are extremely diverse as are the skills and expertise that instructing vendors’ possess.

It is essential to determine what your needs as a customer is and what responsibility elearning vendor selection will play in your ultimate success or simply failure. I would recommend that you read my short white paper titled ‘Selecting an remote education vendor: A guide to making an informed decision’, that explains the most important considerations that should be made when selecting such an ilearning expert.

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eLearning, elearn, & Training Online

I can’t stress how vital needs analysis is to developing successful guidance, training online or learning materials like customized interactive determining on-line courses, multimedia reference materials or analytical specialized tool-kits. Unfortunately many customers don’t take the time to consider what their needs and objectives are.

Furthermore they often select technology teaching developers who ignore this step or do a cursory high-level needs analysis focused primarily on selling bells & whistles to the client, rather than focusing on the customer’s organizational needs and limitations.

Yes, it is important to remember that eLearning does have limitations, primarily driven by just how not all customers are alike when it comes to technology. This limitation is an important concern when you are considering the electronic way as an academic method.

The initial needs assessment should determine the objectives of the eStudy program, program, materials and who will be utilizing these. How will they access the elements? What technology will they making use of? Does it make sense to include interactive bandwidth-intensive components such as video together with audio?

Is eLearning & Web based Training Online All Hype?

Unfortunately, some eLearning content programmers overlook these considerations and as a result cultivate a training solution that disappoints the customer. This then leads to the failure being laid at the door of the system, rather than at the door of the actual educating merchant and the customer.

Generating an eLearning project has to be done by building an understanding with an appropriate training online vendor that has all-embracing experience in the industry. But still, it is actually not a silver bullet that can solve all of your coaching needs.

On most occasions remote learning cannot eliminate the necessity of face to face schooling. In these cases eSchools are able to compliment on site educating as part of a bundled learning approach.

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Are eLearning, elearn, & Training Online just scams?

In most companies you will have people that will resist any computer based instruction. The truth is, all companies have people who resist any change more often than not.

You must recognize this threat to the development of pretty much any distance learning materials prior to beginning any projects and understand that you will need to identify a champion, project sponsor as well as department leaders that can assist you in mitigating and mediating any sort of resistance to new directing initiatives.

An easy way to mitigate any preliminary resistance in your corporation to new electronic elearn initiatives would be to focus on quick wins. This is a great way to demonstrate the value of a whole new eLearning initiative and to develop a good working association with your e-Learning vendor.

eLearn. It’s Game on!

A lot of organizations try to focus on the areas with the most complicated needs first. For me personally this is a bad approach that can only end in disaster. Never forget keep your first project simple!

Start by focusing on areas where you can find an elearn need and where there are existing training online resources within your organization. It is a lot easier for learning to create a tailor-made interactive online course from existing sources such as PowerPoint demonstrations developed by subject matter experts (SME’s), instruction learnt documents, case studies coupled with standard operating procedures (SOP’s) in preference to starting from scratch.

It is amazing how much information you can discover when you start looking within your organization. Admittedly most of the elements that you will find are informational only and would need to be put-together and redeveloped into an interactive format that ensures knowledge preservation.

Having said this it is much easier, less time consuming and learning resource intensive to use existing information within your company rather than endeavouring to reinvent the wheel. Remember focus on quick wins that will convey essential knowledge to a select group of your final all round target audience and demonstrate the value of your elearning undertaking.

eEducation is a valuable training online tool as long as it is handled in a manner that keeps your ultimate objectives, restrictions, corporate political landscape and possibilities at heart. Like any other tool the final result of good elearning training relies upon the skill of the blended learning operator.

eLearning can have incredibly positive results within your organization including saving you money and time paid for onsite training often involving travel, increased efficiency, self-paced learning and maximized ROI. However, positive results with ilearning or elarn online courses need foresight and a good working relationship between the information developer, customer project manager/owner and the venture sponsor/champion.

We are happy to assist you with any of the questions that you have on elearn or web based courses. Even if you are only at the initial needs evaluation stage, we would be happy to go over your eLearning & elearn training online Internet Courses development options._nq