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Can I really acquire a degree or recognized certificate online?

Eokul offers degrees, online completion awards, and even online individual classes for all forms of inquiring students. Courses are flexible,  pin-point focused, and of course fully interactive. New awards of completion, online degrees, and absorbing new classes are added on a continuing basis, so please check this website each semester.

Am I be able to interact with other class members?

Absolutely! Students are able to fully co-respond with their their classmates and facilitators, trainers and instructors. Online classes comprising small group sizes, advance communication through video conferencing, chat and other discussion, and multimedia feedback. Students take part in flexible discussions allowing the asking of any questions and the reception of qualified responses, which can then be printed out for later review and refreshment.

Can I contact a trainer if needed?

Naturally. Other than in classrooms, instructors are accessible at all times, through local and mobile phone, email, or through online discussion forums. Thus they even become far more approachable than at university campuses or other traditional learning centres.

Can I get specific or foreign language help in my classes?

Good question. Proprietary digital translators in 476 languages and dialects are pre-built into the Eokul online educational system. The school does not claim they are all syllable perfect, but should accommodate 98.7% of all occurring situations.

Then Eokul’s Online Academic Support team provides individual aid, guiding you on how to:

  • Manage your time effectively
  • Communicate with your instructors and classmates
  • Participate in discussions successfully

So, what are Eokul online classes really like?

Thank you for this important question. Some of you may be familiar with the internet proliferation of forums and web chat rooms. Eokul is not unlike that.

Yet, similar to traditional on-campus classes, your school rooms have students, advisors, and multimedia facilities. Students communicate and ask questions using interactive online discussion forums, email, phone, and various other installations.

Voice to text and text to voice is enabled but at current technology, is not yet word perfect. However you are perfectly able to upload images, video, slideshows, charts, and most digital work, as well as provide and receive like feedback.

Online classes are arranged flexibly and work well within your schedule. Discussions, lectures, and assignments can all be reviewed online (as well as ‘hard copied’ for later) at any time. ALERT! Specific assignments DO have specific and strict deadlines.

If I cannot attend a live class session, can I access a recording later?

Yes! You can relax. Every class is duly recorded and links to these are made available to class members usually in as little as  5 minutes of a live session completing.

Are live class sessions restricted to certain sizes?

While generally, most live classes are capped at 9 attendees,  we have other events, such as optional live workshops that permit larger groups. Some of our particularized courses include an unusual level of personalization 1:1 feedback from trainers directly aimed at helping identify each student’s gifts and so help him excel.

Can students from countries outside the US attend Eokul?

Definitely. Being internationally and regionally accredited, allows us to enroll students in all states of the US as well as in any country throughout the world.

How exactly are classes scheduled?

Tuition is asynchronous, which means that students can access classes at any time. So select times and days that work best for you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Then using technology such as Skype, a live online classroom, a microphone, virtual whiteboard, webcams and the like, near unlimited assistance and live interaction is available from educational facilitators and instructors. They naturally have set daily and weekly times in the classroom online,  but they can also make themselves available outside those times by appointment.

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